GParted 1.6 Open-Source Partition Editor Improves exFAT Support and Fixes Bugs

Starting with this release, GParted no longer forces 1 MB gap when moving partition boundary right.
GParted 1.6

GParted 1.6 open-source partition editor software has been released today as a maintenance update that addresses several bugs to improve support for various filesystems.

Key changes in the GParted 1.6 release include a fix for a crash that occurred when dealing with 0000-0000 exFAT UUID, a change that would stop GParted from forcing 1 MiB gap when moving partition boundary right, as well as the removal of the “Attempt Data Rescue” feature and the use of gpart as it’s no longer needed.

This release of GParted also fixes resetting of the missing progress bar text when applying an operation, updates the systemd mount masking and udev rule location, moves AppStream metadata out of the legacy path, and fixes GitLab CI test jobs failures on BlockSpecial unit tests.

Starting with this release, GParted now requires C++11 for compilation. The devs also updated the README file to document future Debian/Ubuntu build-time dependencies and did some tidy-ups for file system interface classes.

You can study the changelog if you have any questions about the changes included in this update. Meanwhile, you can download GParted 1.6 right now from the official website, where you’ll also find the GParted Live utility if you want to use GParted directly from a bootable flash drive.

However, the GParted Live project hasn’t been updated yet to include the GParted 1.6 release, so you’ll have to use an older version instead until the devs update it, which shouldn’t take long.

If you’re not in the know, GParted can be used to resize, copy/paste, move, delete, check, and label disk partitions without any data loss, as well as to set new UUIDs. It currently supports EXT2/3/4, Btrfs, XFS, ReiserFS/Reiser4, linux-swap, LVM2 PV, NILFS2, exFAT, FAT16/32, NTFS, HFS/HFS+, UDF, and UFS file systems. More details are available on the official website.

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