IPFire Linux Firewall Distro Now Offers WPA3 Client Support, Faster DNS Resolution

IPFire 2.25 Core Update 141 released

IPFire’s Michael Tremer announced the release of IPFire 2.25 Core Update 154, a new update to the Linux firewall distro that adds new features, improvements, and numerous updated components.

IPFire 2.25 Core Update 154 is IPFire’s first update in 2021 and, as you can imagine, it comes with a bunch of goodies for those who want to deploy IPFire as a Linux-powered hardened firewall on their machines.

The biggest changes in this release include the enablement of WPA3 support for the client side, allowing you to connect to authenticate to the network and encrypt packets using the latest WPA3 protocol, which was supported in IPFire since IPFire 2.25 Core Update 153, and faster DNS resolution by reusing any TLS and TCP connections in IPFire’s built-in DNS proxy.

“Before, a TCP or TLS connection had to be opened and closed after a response was received causing a lot of overhead,” explains Michael Tremer. “Please consider if your setup can run DNS-over-TLS to protect your privcacy.”

Also improved in this release is WPA2 protocol support, which can now optionally use SHA256 over SHA1 if the AP (access point) supports it, keyboard support on Hyper-V virtualized systems, SSH support, as well as DDNS support, which now supports providers that support “token authentication.”

Several command injections and privilege escalation vulnerabilities that could allow an authenticated unprivileged user to gain root access to the operating system were addressed as well in this release.

Furthermore, this latest update to the IPFire Linux firewall distro updates numerous packages and add-ons, which you can view a glance in the release announcement page. Meanwhile, you can download IPFire 2.25 Core Update 154 right now from the official website or by using the direct download link below.

Last updated 3 years ago

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