KDE Frameworks 6.1 Released Ahead of the KDE Plasma 6.1 Desktop Environment

This release adds a new filter for the icon chooser dialog, improved keyboard navigation in Kirigami sidebars, and fixes many visual glitches.
KDE Frameworks 5.115

The KDE Project announced today the release and general availability of KDE Frameworks 6.1 as the first stable update to the KDE Frameworks 6 series of this collection of more than 80 add-on libraries to Qt providing commonly needed functionality for the latest KDE Plasma 6 desktop environment and the KDE Gear suite of apps.

Highlights of KDE Frameworks 6.1 include a new filter for the icon chooser dialog so you can see only symbolic icons, or no symbolic icons, improved keyboard navigation in Kirigami sidebars powered by the GlobalDrawer component, and a bigger size of the “Get new Plasma Widgets” dialog.

The Plasma System Monitor app has been updated to make charts appear correctly on computers with 10+-year-old Intel GPUs, improve the “Horizontal bars” graphs in various System Monitor widgets to use the right colors, and fix glitchy horizontal lines on graphs and charts when using a fractional scale factor with certain Intel GPUs.

The “Get new [thing]” dialogs have been updated to allow sorting by the highest number of downloads, address two issues that caused them not to display installation progress correctly and get stuck after uninstalling apps, fix an annoying “Unknown Open Collaboration Service API error.(0)” message that appeared when browsing for content, improve support for downloading items that only have a single file available, and fix a visual issue with the layout of the “Overwrite this file?” dialog.

For Kirigami-based apps, KDE Frameworks 6.1 improves the animation used when moving apps from one page to another to be smoother and updates that awkward little line in the toolbars that separates the sidebar from the content area to look like a normal toolbar separator line.

For QtQuick-based apps, KDE Frameworks 6.1 no longer shows animations if they’re globally disabled, which also fixes an issue on the Plasma desktop with button highlights disappearing, and adds support for translating menu items in context menus for text fields.

In addition, the Breeze-themed radio buttons and checkboxes have been updated to use the “Button” color role like the rest of the UI elements to improve visual consistency and a fix a visual glitch in QtQuick-based apps.

Various right-click context menu actions throughout KDE apps that open the default terminal app were improved to work as expected, several places icons in the Breeze icon theme and screen chooser OSD icons now respect the current accent color, Breeze icons that can appear in the system tray area now properly change their color when using non-default color schemes.

The Baloo file indexer has been improved for a performance boost by no longer trying to index content on temporarily mounted file systems, such as network shares and OverlayFS mounts. Moreover, a crash was fixed in the Baloo file indexer that could occur after creating or renaming files or folders.

Last but not least, KDE Frameworks 6.1 updates the list of recently accessed files saved to disk by open/save dialogs to be written to the configuration file for volatile state data rather than the user-directed configuration data, and fixes a source of xdg-desktop-portal crashes on boot.

KDE Plasma 6 users are recommended to update their installations to the KDE Frameworks 6.1 release as soon as the packages arrive in the stable software repositories of their GNU/Linux distributions for a more stable and reliable Plasma desktop experience.

KDE Frameworks 6.1 is the first update to Frameworks to prepare users for the upcoming KDE Plasma 6.1 desktop environment, due out in mid-June 2024 with the highly anticipated explicit sync feature. Until then, the KDE Project will release two more updates, namely KDE Frameworks 6.2 on May 10th and KDE Frameworks 6.3 on June 7th.

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