KDE neon 6 Distro Now Available with the KDE Plasma 6 Desktop Environment

Also includes the latest KDE Gear 24.02 and KDE Frameworks 6 software suites.
KDE neon 6

KDE neon, a rock-solid distribution based on Ubuntu LTS releases and leveraging the KDE community software, has been updated today to version 6 shipping with the latest KDE Plasma 6 desktop environment series.

KDE Plasma 6 was released earlier today by the KDE Project and it’s making its way into the software repositories of some of the most popular rolling-release distributions, including Arch Linux, openSUSE Tumbleweed, OpenMandriva Lx, and others.

KDE Plasma 6 introduces new features like initial HDR support, floating panels, new Overview and Cube effects, Qt 6 support, Wayland support by default, a refreshed Breeze theme, revamped settings, improved and faster Plasma Search, as well as updated KDE apps with new features and many improvements.

If you want to use the KDE Plasma 6 desktop environment right now, the KDE neon distribution has you covered since it’s the de-facto distro for the KDE community. The latest stable release, KDE neon 6, was published today and it’s available for download from the official website.

As you can expect, the KDE neon 6 User Edition release also ships with the KDE Gear 24.02 and KDE Frameworks 6 software suites to enjoy the best possible KDE Plasma 6 desktop experience on your personal computer.

“Today KDE has made its biggest release ever, never before in the 25-year history of the project have we announced so many new products at the same time but it brings the newly refreshed base to keep our software foundation strong,” said KDE neon maintainer Jonathan Riddell in a short blog post.

Of course, KDE neon 6 User Edition is ideal for everyday users and production environments. It is based on the Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) operating system release and ships with Linux kernel 6.5 and Wayland by default.

Since KDE neon devs provide a continuous deployment experience, existing users can also update their installations today to the KDE Plasma 6, KDE Gear 24.02, and KDE Frameworks 6 releases.

To update your KDE neon installations, you can use either the Plasma Discover graphical package manager, which is the recommended method, or the command line by following the instructions provided by the devs here.

Last updated 2 months ago

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