Latest Steam Client Update Improves Steam Overlay for CS2 and Other Games on Linux

This release also adds support for the NACON Revolution 5 Pro controller and improves Big Picture Mode and Desktop Game Theater mode.
Steam Client Update Linux

Valve released today a new stable Steam Client update that brings various improvements for Linux gamers, as well as a couple of new features and numerous bug fixes.

For Linux users, the new Steam Client update fixes several bugs in the Steam Overlay that caused rendering to stall in some video games, such as Watch Dogs, and some crashes in other titles, as well as to improve double click handling and mouse clicks for the Counter-Strike 2 video game.

While not mentioned in the patch notes, I’ve noticed that starting with this update the Steam Client now correctly exits the system tray area of the GNOME desktop environment when closing the Steam Client using the “Exit” Steam menu option. Until now, the Steam Client icon would remain in the system tray area even when exiting the app.

The new Steam Client update also improves the Desktop Game Theater mode in Steam VR to only capture non-VR apps while visible in the headset to better handle flat2vr type games that require running the application at double headset framerate to generate stereo image pairs.

The Big Picture Mode has been improved as well by adding the buttons back to the game launch interstitials instead of relying on the footer buttons, and fixing several layout regressions in the quick access menu, the EULA dialogs, and the Game Achievements page.

This update is all about improving Steam Input by fixing the order of Steam Deck Gyro’s Calibration readings, a blank desktop configuration page issue when opted-out of Steam Input, the Steam Controller gyro turn rate, the “Gyro to…” modes, and adding support for the NACON Revolution 5 Pro controller.

In addition, it improves support for controllers that are not able to pass the Stationary Tolerances manual calibration phase, improves the Gyro to Deflection Mode, improves support for Player Space, World Space, and Laser Pointer modes, correctly calibrates Nintendo Joy-Con gyro turn rates, improves Sony DualShock accelerometer reading, and reinstates horizontal haptics for all new “Gyro To…” modes.

Several other bugs were addressed as well in this new stable Steam Client update to improve the new controller support panel to show up on tools and apps, improve the display of the available disk space in the “Add a new Steam library folder” dialog, and improves support for VR-only games.

For more details on the changes implemented in this update, check out the release notes. Meanwhile, update your Steam Client to the new version by going to the Steam menu, clicking on the “Check for Steam Client Updates” entry, and then clicking on the “Download” button on the right side of the blue bottom notification.

Last updated 3 months ago

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