Linux Lite 5.0 Officially Released, It’s Based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Linux Lite 5.0

The Linux Lite 5.0 distribution is out now and looks to be the most feature-rich and complete release to date of this Ubuntu-based OS .

Based on the Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa) operating system, Linux Lite 5.0 (codename Emerald) is here with a lot of goodies for fans of this lightweight GNU/Linux distribution.

Highlights include out-of-the-box UEFI Secure Boot support, a new “Integrity Check” feature during live boot to ensure your PC is in good state, a new update notifier that checks for updates twice per day, and no hidden telemetry.

The highly configurable FireWallD firewall has been included as well in this release to replace GUFW, but it isn’t enabled by default.

The latest WhiskerMenu applications menu is also present and features a new default sorting with “Install Updates” at the top of the Favorites list.

Moreover, there’s a new HiDPI Settings section added under the Hardware category in Settings Manager to make it easier for users to change DPI and fractional scaling settings.

Among other changes, Mousepad is now the default text editor instead of Leafpad, both the Lite Welcome and Lite User Manager apps are now using the latest GTK 3 and Python 3 technologies, and the Xfce Screensaver utility has been included in the default installation.

The Lite Software app was also updated and it now offers users the Google Chrome web browser instead of Chromium, Etcher tool for flashing live USB sticks, NitroShare file sharer, Telegram Desktop, as well as Zim note taker.

Also, the logout dialog has new options that can be displayed or hidden via the Lite Tweaks utility. On the other hand, the login screen now lets users choose their preferred language for the keyboard layout.

Last but not least, the live boot screen has been updated with support for OEM installations (Legacy and UEFI) for retailers and manufacturers. The Help Manual also received a massive update in this release.

Under the hood, Linux Lite 5.0 is powered by Ubuntu 20.04 LTS’ Linux 5.4 LTS kernel and features dual architecture support. However, you’ll be able to install Linux kernel 5.6 from the repositories.

You can download Linux Lite 5.0 right now from the official website. Please note that it’s not yet possible to upgrade from previous versions, so you’ll need to reinstall.

Last updated 4 years ago

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