Miracle-WM Is a New Tiling Wayland Compositor Based on Mir

It aims to serve the needs of those who prefer a desktop full of smooth transitions and colors.

Canonical employee Matthew Kosarek announced today a new project that leverages the Mir display server, called miracle-wm, which is a tiling Wayland compositor with a window manager in the style of i3, Sway, or Hyprland.

miracle-wm comes with some nifty features like a tiling window management (open windows, delete windows, resize windows), support for exclusion zones for panels (e.g. waybar), support for full-screen windows, multi-output support, workspace support, gaps between windows, and a nifty configuration file.

The developer says that the idea behind miracle-wm is to create a Wayland compositor that is flashier and more feature-rich than i3, Sway, or Hyprland, and also serves the needs of those among us who prefer a desktop full of smooth transitions and colors.

The project is currently hosted on GitHub, where you’ll find installation instructions if you want to give it a try. Since it’s developed by a Canonical employee, miracle-wm is available as a Snap package that you can easily install on any supported Ubuntu Linux release by running the command below.

sudo snap install miracle-wm --classic

“While the project is only built as a snap at this moment, I am not allergic to other packaging formats, just perhaps too lazy to implement them at this moment. I will happily accept contributions in this domain,” said Matthew Kosarek.

Once it’s installed, you will be able to use the Wayland compositor by selecting the “Miracle” or “Miracle (Non Snap)” options from the GDM (GNOME Display Manager) or LightDM display managers before logging in.

Of course, you can also build miracle-wm from sources, which are available for download the project’s GitHub page linked above. The developer is asking the community to send feedback or bug reports, but please be aware that the project is in its infancy so only pre-release versions are currently available for download.

Image credits: Matthew Kosarek

Last updated 2 months ago

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