Mozilla Seeks Feedback for Firefox Nightly ARM64 (AArch64) Binaries on Linux

The Firefox ARM64 binaries for Linux are available only for Firefox Nightly as tarballs and DEB packages via Mozilla's repository.
Firefox ARM64 Linux

The wait is almost over for those who want to download the Firefox web browser as binaries for the ARM64 (AArch64) architecture on Linux, as Mozilla announced today that Firefox Nightly is now available as ARM64 binaries for Linux systems.

After launching the Firefox official DEB packages for Ubuntu/Debian-based distributions, Mozilla now plans to offer official AArch64 binaries for download to its Linux users (finally!). As a Raspberry Pi user, I can say that this was one of the major blockers of using certain distros that came with an older Firefox release.

The even better news is that the Firefox ARM64 binaries for Linux are available as both downloadable archives in the tar.bz2 format from Mozilla’s website (you can try them here) and as DEB packages for Ubuntu/Debian systems, which you can install on your AArch64 distro using these instructions for the firefox-nightly package.

Again, the Firefox ARM64 binaries are only offered for Firefox Nightly, an alpha version of the web browser. While Mozilla is confident in the quality of Firefox on the AArch64 architecture they are still in the process of incorporating comprehensive testing into Firefox’s continuous integration and release pipeline and they want your feedback.

“We encourage you to download the new AArch64 Firefox Nightly binaries, test them, and share your findings with us. By using these builds and reporting any issues, you’re empowering our developers to better support and test on this architecture, ultimately leading to a stable and reliable Firefox for ARM64,” said Mozilla.

If you decide to download the Firefox ARM64 binaries on your Linux distro, don’t hesitate to report any bugs or issues you encounter on Mozilla’s bug tracking system. Just like you, I can’t wait for the AArch64 binaries to be offered on the stable Firefox release channel, which could happen later this year.

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