Plasma Mobile Gear 22.09 Is Out for Your Phone and Tablet with a New Default Homescreen

Plasma Mobile Gear 22.09

The KDE Project announced today Plasma Mobile Gear 22.09 as a new update full of goodies for KDE’s privacy-respecting, open-source, and secure phone and tablet ecosystem.

Plasma Mobile Gear 22.09 is here three months after Plasma Mobile Gear 22.06 and brings a new default Homescreen designed for simplicity and one-hand usage. The Homescreen’s configuration has been updated as well to make it easier to switch between the old homescreen (Folio) and the new one.

Another exciting feature is a new default email client called Raven, which currently only works as a basic email reader, but the devs work on support for sharing components with Kalendar’s upcoming email support.

The Task Switcher gained a “Close All” button to let you close all the opened windows at once, the Status Bar has been improved to no longer show two mobile data status icons when your device is connected to mobile data, and the Navigation Bar now features a keyboard toggle button that shows up for XWayland apps.

Also improved is the Action Drawer’s notifications list, which now features a new “Clear All Notifications” button to make it easier and quicker to clear notifications, as well as a new “Do Not Disturb” toggle in Quick Settings to turn pop-up notifications on or off.

Plasma Mobile Gear 22.09 also brings good news for tablet users as the tablet experience has been improved to work better on more devices. The Terminal and Weather apps now also offer a better tablet experience. Below, you can see Arch Linux-based Plasma Mobile running on a Surface Pro 3.

Various apps received new features and improvements as well. For example, the Dialer now lets you block calls from unknown numbers and there’s a new design of the incoming call screen with lock screen overlay support and a new swipe control to answer calls.

“The fixes worked on are related to accepting calls, showing notifications and haptics feedback, switching call audio modes automatically and also CI/CD for checking the developer changes. Thanks to the review from Vlad and groundwork from Aleix to propose Wayland protocol extension and KWin support,” reads the announcement page.[/su_quote]

The Weather’s app backgrounds now use OpenGL directly to improve performance on lower-end devices and the settings were ported to a new mobile form style, just like the Recorder, Settings, and Terminal apps, the latter also receiving the ability to change the font style, font size, and background transparency.

The NeoChat chat client received support for configuring notifications on a per-room basis, a space selector on the room list to let you filter the room list for rooms included in the selected space, and a redesigned timeline layout.

Last but not least, Plasma Mobile Gear 22.09 updates the Clock app no longer features the distracting timer animation that loops around every second, the Kasts podcasts app with a simpler interface improved podcast and episode info pages, a sleep timer functionality, and an option to mark a custom amount of episodes as unplayed, and the Settings app to offer more battery information.

Image credits: KDE Project

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