Qt Creator 11 Open-Source IDE Adds Integrated Terminal, GitHub Copilot Support

This release also introduces initial support for the Axivion Suite code analysis software.
Qt Creator 11

The Qt Project released today Qt Creator 11 as the latest stable version of this open-source, free, and cross-platform IDE (Integrated Development Environment) software for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms.

Highlights of Qt Creator 11 include an integrated terminal emulator that supports tabs, multiple shells, colors, and fonts, support for GitHub Copilot based on the Copilot Neovim plugin, initial support for the Axivion Suite static code analysis software, as well as revamped Qt examples.

The integrated terminal is enabled by default and will be used when accessing the “Run in Terminal” function and opening terminals from various places in Qt Creator. On the other hand, GitHub Copilot is now enabled by default so you need to activate it from Help > About Plugins and configure it in the preferences.

Among other noteworthy changes, Qt Creator 11 introduces the ability to add files directly to a CMake project, further improves C++ and QML editing, adds an editor that can preview Markdown (.md) files, and implements experimental support for vcpkg with a wizard and an editor for vcpkg.json files, and a search dialog for packages.

For Python support, this release adds a new Create Virtual Environment” option to the Python interpreter selector on the editor toolbar and to the wizards in File > New Project > Application (Qt for Python). For Meson support, it improves the file targets.

The GUI has been improved a little in this release with a new option in Preferences > Interface > Toolbar style > Relaxed to slightly enlarge the toolbars and a restructured Issues View to interfere less with clicking into and navigating it.

Several bugs were addressed in this major release to make Qt Creator more stable and reliable. For details on these bug fixes, check out the full changelog.

Meanwhile, you can download Qt Creator 11 as a universal binary installer for any GNU/Linux distribution from the official website. If you’re using Qt Creator 10 or an earlier version, it is recommended to update as soon as possible.

Last updated 9 months ago

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