SparkyLinux 2023.03 Rolling Brings Linux Kernel 6.1 and KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS

This release also includes Debian's non-free-firmware repository and support for Linux kernel 6.2.
SparkyLinux 2023.03

SparkyLinux 2023.03 has been released today as the March 2023 snapshot of SparkyLinux Rolling, a variant of SparkyLinux based on the software repositories of Debian Testing.

Synced with the Debian Testing (Debian Bookworm) repositories as of March 6th, 2023, the SparkyLinux 2023.03 release is powered by Linux kernel 6.1.12 LTS and brings a new Debian repository that provides non-free-firmware, which should translate into better hardware support.

Support for the latest Linux 6.2 kernel series is included as well but needs to be manually installed from the SparkyLinux Unstable repositories.

The latest KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS desktop environment series is included as well in this release as a standalone live edition, along with the recently released KDE Frameworks 5.103 and KDE Gear 22.12.2 software suites.

SparkyLinux 2023.03 also includes the new Sparky Live USB Creator with Persistence feature that was introduced in the SparkyLinux 6.6 release, as well as various updated components like Python 3.11.2, a new Sparky APTus AppCenter release (v20230306), Mozilla Firefox 102.8.0 ESR as the default web browser, and Mozilla Thunderbird 102.8.0 as the default email client.

SparkyLinux 2023.03 is available for download from the official website in six editions featuring the KDE Plasma 5.27, Xfce 4.18, LXQt 1.2, MATE 1.26, and Openbox 3.6.1 (MinimalGUI) graphical environments. A MinimalCLI edition is also available for download without a graphical environment.

Existing SparkyLinux users don’t need to download the new ISO images to update their installations. If you have SparkyLinux Rolling installed, simply run the sparky-upgrade or spu commands in a terminal emulator to update your installations.

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