Tux Paint 0.9.25 Open Source Drawing Software for Kids Adds Animated GIF Export, More

Tux Paint 0.9.25

Bill Kendrick from Tux Paint informs 9to5Linux today about the release of a new major update of their open source, free, award-winning and cross-platform drawing software for children ages 3 to 12, Tux Paint 0.9.25.

Seven months in development, Tux Paint 0.9.25 is here to introduce a new major feature, namely the ability to export animated GIF images and individual drawings. This allows kids to more easily share their cartoons and slideshows with parents or teachers.

Another major improvement was introduced in this release in the form of new options in the Shapes tool to make it easier for kids to draw shapes in any situation. With these new options, children will now be able to choose if they want to draw shapes from the center or a corner.

The Eraser tool has been updated as well in Tux Paint 0.9.25 and it now features new smaller eraser sizes, as well as the ability to apply smoother and contiguous strokes when quickly moving the pointer.

Furthermore, the on-screen keyboard will now appear larger on bigger displays, thus making it more accessible to users of coarser input devices like eye-tracking systems. The on-screen keyboard appears only when using the Text and Label tools.

You can download Tux Paint 0.9.25 right now from the official website for 64-bit and 32-bit RPM-based distributions, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, 7, and 6 series, or Fedora Linux, as well as a source tarball for other distros.

You should also find Tux Paint in the stable or third-party repositories of other GNU/Linux distributions, such as Arch Linux’s AUR. In addition to Linux systems, Tux Paint can also be installed on Haiku, Android, macOS and Windows platforms.

Image credits: Tux Paint

Last updated 3 years ago

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