Ubuntu Touch OTA-15 Arrives on December 16th with More Improvements for the Volla Phone

Ubuntu Touch OTA-14 Released

The UBports Foundation announced today that the next version of the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system, OTA-15, will arrive on December 16th with more improvements for Ubuntu Phone users.

Not even a month after they released Ubuntu Touch OTA-14, the UBports Foundation is already working on Ubuntu Touch OTA-15, which is now available for public testing. This release promises more improvements for the Volla Phone and other Android 9 devices.

For example, it fixes buggy audio playback on the Volla Phone, as well as other devices, sending of USSD codes on all Android 9 devices, and Volla Phone’s front camera orientation to correctly rotate the photos after being taken.

Ubuntu Phone users will be pleased to learn that the OTA-15 update will also fix calls via Bluetooth headsets. Users will finally be able to take calls on their Linux phones using the dedicated “Redial” button or with the “Contacts” interface on some cars.

Moreover, the dialer has been improved to be more reliable when managing a call, and there will be a Thai keyboard layout available for Thai speaking users.

Also improved in OTA-15 is Ubuntu Touch’s Morph web browser, which received a new tab management interface on narrow views, such as in portrait mode, that supports tab previews and swiping gestures for moving tabs to the left or right, better support for the Suru Dark theme, as well as a new logo.

As I reported recently, the UBports Installer has been updated to make it easier for users to turn their OnePlus 2 devices into Linux phones running Ubuntu Touch, and it looks like with the upcoming OTA-15 update the same will go for the f(x)tec’s Pro1 X smartphone and the Google Pixel 3a.

As mentioned before, the final release of Ubuntu Touch OTA-15 is expected on December 16th if everything goes according to plan. If you want to help with quality testing, the UBports Foundation would need you to take the release candidate of OTA-15 for a test drive on your device, following these instructions.

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