Vivaldi 3.1 Arrives with Full-Page Notes Manager, Configurable Menus, and Faster Startup

Vivaldi 3.1

Vivaldi Technologies released today the Vivaldi 3.1 web browser for all supported platforms, including GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows, a release that sports new features and improvements.

Based on the latest Chromium 83 open-source web browser, Vivaldi 3.1 is here to introduce a brand-new version of its built-in Notes feature called Notes Manager, which offers a full-page notes editor with visual editing via a text formatting toolbar.

Vivaldi’s note-taking capabilities are getting to a new level, becoming more like word processing capabilities, something no other web browser currently offers, at least not by default.

Accessible from the Start Page, the new Notes Manager features a WYSIWYG editor, text formatting, word count, the ability to add new notes via Quick Commands or from a web page selection via the right-click context menu, the ability to search text in notes and search through notes, as well as to attach images.

“Our principle is that everyone deserves a browser that can be adapted to their way of working,” Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner says. “We build features that fit in different workflows and cater to different needs.”

Vivaldi’s new Notes Manager

Another new feature implemented in Vivaldi 3.1 is the ability to configure the menus in new ways. For example, you can now move the most frequently used actions to the top of the menu in the vertical menu for faster access or add new menu items that aren’t currently accessible from the main menu.

Configurable menus in Vivaldi 3.1

Last but not least, Vivaldi 3.1 comes with some significant speed improvements around startup, which is now even faster than before, and the handling of tabs. Recently, Vivaldi partnered with Startpage to give users more privacy options when searching the Internet.

You can download Vivaldi 3.1 right now from the official website. For more details on all the changes and bug fixes implemented in this release, check out the full changelog here.

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