Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 3 Switches to LXQt, Now Based on Debian GNU/Linux 10.4

Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 3

The Emmabuntüs Collective announced today the release and general availability of Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 3 version 1.02, a release that brings new features and apps, as well as improvements and latest software updates.

Based on the latest Debian GNU/Linux 10.4 “Buster” release, Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 3 1.02 is here exactly three months after the previous Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 3 1.01 release to replace the LXDE desktop environment with the more modern LXQt by default, along with the Xfce desktop environment.

If you choose to use Emmabuntüs DE with the LXQt desktop, there are a few perks compared with the LXDE desktop, such as Falkon as default web browser, updated installation and presentation tutorials, as well as support for all of the in-house built scripts that are preset in the distribution for various tasks.

Also new is the VeraCrypt utility for encrypting files, partitions or entire disks on the fly, the GtkHash utility for creating checksums for your files and ISO images, SMTube for viewing and downloading YouTube videos, and the inxi, inxi-gui, font-manager, mediainfo-gui and mdadm tools.

The RadioTray-NG, Vokoscreen, gThumb and KeePassXC apps are also present in this release, but to replace their old and unmaintained equivalents, including RadioTray, Kazam, Nomacs and KeePassX software. Moreover, the Picasa and Surf apps have been removed.

Updated apps include Mozilla Firefox 68.9.0 ESR, Mozilla Thunderbird 68.9.0, Multisystem 1.0446, and HPLIP 3.20.5. Also updated is the “The Debian Buster beginner’s handbook.”

Among other noteworthy changes, the Boot-Repair and OS-Uninstaller utilities have been updated to their latest versions, the recovery console connection was improved to work without a root account, and there’s now a new “First steps on Emmabuntüs DE 3” tutorial for newcomers.

You can download Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 3 1.02 right now for 32-bit and 64-bit systems from the official website. Meanwhile, the Emmabuntüs Collective is working hard on the next major release, Emmabuntüs Debian Edition 4, which will be based on the upcoming Debian GNU/Linux 11 “Bullseye” operating system.

Last updated 4 years ago

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