GStreamer 1.24 Multimedia Framework Released with Vulkan H.264 and H.265 Video Decoders

This release also introduces DRM Modifier Support for dmabufs on Linux and new unixfd plugin for efficient 1:N inter-process communication.
GStreamer 1.24

GStreamer 1.24 open-source multimedia framework is now available for download as a major update that introduces numerous new features and enhancements.

Highlights of the GStreamer 1.24 release include Vulkan H.264 and H.265 video decoders, a new unixfd plugin for efficient 1:N inter-process communication on Linux, new GstMeta for SMPTE ST-291M HANC/VANC Ancillary Data, a new W3C Media Source Extensions library, and DRM Modifier Support for dmabufs on Linux.

It also introduces new Analytics and Machine Learning abstractions and elements, makes the va plugin the preferred plugin over gst-vaapi, adds Low-Latency HLS (LL-HLS) support, adds Bayer 10/12/14/16-bit depth support, and implements MPEG-TS support for asynchronous KLV demuxing and segment seeking.

Also new in GStreamer 1.24 is a stateless AV1 video decoder, SVT-AV1 and VA-API AV1 encoders, a new uvcsink element for exporting streams as UVC camera, AMD Advanced Media Framework AV1 and H.265 video encoders with 10-bit and HDR support, as well as AVX/AVX2 support and NEON support on macOS vi liborc.

There’s also several WebRTC improvements like support for ICE consent freshness, a new webrtcsrc element to complement webrtcsink, along with signallers and webrtcsink implementations for LiveKit and AWS Kinesis Video Streams.

Furthermore, GStreamer 1.24 improves GstMeta serialization and deserialization, implements cudaipc source and sink for zero-copy CUDA memory sharing between processes, improves Qt 5 and Qt 6 QML integration, improves OpenGL, Vulkan, and CUDA integration, improves the RTP stack, and improves closed caption handling.

Last but not least, this release adds capture source and sink for AJA capture and playout cards, adds translation support for awstranscriber, updates the GStreamer C# bindings, and improves Rust bindings and plugins, which are now shipped in packages for all major platforms including Android and iOS.

For Windows, this release adds a DirectWrite text rendering plugin, Direct3D12-based video decoding, conversion, composition, and rendering, as well as Precision Time Protocol (PTP) clock support.

Of course, there are also lots of performance improvements and bug fixes, so check out the release notes for more details. Meanwhile, you can download GStreamer 1.24 for all supported platforms from the official website.

Image credits: GStreamer

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