Nitrux 2.1.1 Adds New ISO for NVIDIA Users, Eases the Management of Debian Packages

Nitrux 2.1.1

Uri Herrera announced today the release and general availability of Nitrux 2.1.1 as the first minor point release to the latest Nitrux 2.1 series of this systemd-free Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution.

Powered by the Linux 5.15.35 XanMod LTS kernel, Nitrux 2.1.1 is here with an Easter egg for NVIDIA GPU users, namely a separate ISO image that includes the latest proprietary NVIDIA graphics driver by default.

The NVIDIA graphics driver doesn’t include Nitrux’s custom X11 configuration, which means that some hardware may not work as expected and ultimately the user would have to manually add Nitrux’s X11 configuration for NVIDIA PRIME to work correctly. More details are available here.

The Nitrux devs also mentioned the fact that this ISO image for NVIDIA GPUs is not officially supported as they want to keep Nitrux free of any proprietary software.

Another new feature of the Nitrux 2.1.1 release is support for the PackageKit package management system in an attempt to ease the management of Debian packages in the distribution. The devs plan to replace the traditional APT and DPKG package managers with PackageKit in future Nitrux releases.

“The addition of PackageKit is part of a long-term transition to using it instead of using the traditional way in Debian, which is to use APT and dpkg. Including the use of Service Packs (as defined by pkgenpack) and the functionality that XFS provides,” said Uri Herrera. “This means that when opening a terminal window and attempting to run APT or dpkg, a message will direct users to use pkcon instead.”

Other than that, Nitrux 2.1.1 ships with the latest and greatest KDE goodies, such as the KDE Plasma 5.24.4 desktop environment, KDE Gear 22.04 and KDE Frameworks 5.93 software suites, as well as various updated third-party applications like the Mozilla Firefox 99 web browser.

The minimal ISO has been updated as well and it now adds XTERM during startup in the JWM desktop to make it easier for users to launch the installer. A few bugs that were present in the previous release were fixed as well, so check out the release announcement page for more details.

You can download Nitrux 2.1.1 right now from the official website if you want to give this systemd-free distribution a try on your personal computer. However, if you’re already running Nitrux 2.1 or a previous release, all you need to do is update your installations to receive the changes implemented in version 2.1.1.

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