NVIDIA 515.48.07 Linux Graphics Driver Released as First Version with Open-Source Modules

NVIDIA 515.48.07

NVIDIA today released the NVIDIA 515.48.07 graphics driver for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris systems as the first stable version in the 515 series that brings open-source kernel modules.

As announced earlier this month, NVIDIA 515.48.07 is the first stable version of NVIDIA’s graphics driver for UNIX systems to offer the source code to a variant of the NVIDIA Linux kernel modules. The source code is available here to tinkerers and has a dual license as MIT/GPLv2. For that, this release adds a new “kernelopen” feature tag to the supported-gpus.json file to indicate the NVIDIA GPUs that are compatible with open-gpu-kernel-modules.

The new version also brings several enhancements, such as support for the VK_EXT_external_memory_dma_buf and VK_EXT_image_drm_format_modifier Vulkan extensions, which requires the loading of the nvidia-drm kernel module with DRM KMS mode setting enabled, improved performance of GLX and Vulkan apps running in Gamescope, as well as improved Vulkan swapchain creation failure reporting.

There’s also a new configuration option for NVIDIA NGX to allow you to disable the DSO signature check, an updated NVIDIA X Server Settings app that now automatically displays the quit confirmation dialog when there are pending changes that need manual intervention, and an updated nvidia-installer script that now skips test-loading the kernel modules on systems where it doesn’t detect a supported NVIDIA graphics card.

On top of that, the NVIDIA 515.48.07 release changes the nvidia-suspend.service, nvidia-resume.service, and nvidia-hibernate.service services to use WantedBy= instead of RequiredBy= dependencies for systemd-suspend.service and systemd-hibernate.service, disables interlaced modes when active stereo is enabled, and addresses an issue where HDMI audio output wasn’t working in some cases, such as when high display refresh rates like 120Hz or 100Hz were used with the Fixed Rate Link (FRL) transmission mode active.

Last but not least, NVIDIA 515.48.07 updates the RTD3 Video Memory Utilization Threshold maximum value to 1024 MB, fixes a race condition in the nvidia-installer script that could cause the kernel module test load to fail due to udev automatically loading kernel modules that were left over from a previous NVIDIA driver installation, and removes the warning message about mismatches between the compiler used to build the Linux kernel and the compiler used to build the NVIDIA kernel modules through the nvidia-installer.

For more details, check out the full release notes, from where you can download the NVIDIA 515.48.07 driver!

Image credits: NVIDIA

Last updated 2 years ago

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