OBS Studio 29.1 Released with Support for Streaming AV1/HEVC over Enhanced RTMP

This release significantly improves the screen capture performance on Linux machines with dedicated Intel GPUs.
OBS Studio 29.1

OBS Studio 29.1 was released today as the first major update since OBS Studio 29.0 to add more new features and improve existing functionality for this popular open-source, cross-platform, and free live streaming and screen recording application.

Highlights of OBS Studio 29.1 include support for streaming AV1/HEVC over RTMP for YouTube, support for surround sound for AJA capture cards, new lossless audio recording options for FLAC, ALAC, and PCM (including 32-bit float), as well as support for multiple audio tracks in Simple output recording.

The devs note the fact that enhanced RTMP V1 extends the RTMP protocol to support newer video codecs and HDR, which is not yet implemented. In addition, they said that AV1/HEVC streaming over RTMP is currently only supported by and enabled for YouTube as a beta feature.

For Linux users, OBS Studio 29.1 significantly improves the screen capture performance on machines with dedicated Intel GPUs, updates the JACK inputs to display “OBS Studio” in their name to clarify their origin, and improves virtual camera support and the V4L2 source.

It also brings a new setting to record in fragmented MP4 and MOV video formats, new settings to select the audio encoder for streaming and recording, and a new option to preload media sources used in Stingers to memory.

Furthermore, OBS Studio 29.1 adds an indicator to see when the audio source is unmuted and not assigned to any audio tracks, as well as the ability to zoom browser docks using Ctrl – and + or the right-click context menu.

But that’s not all as this release expands support for subtitle tracks in the VLC source to up to 1000, adds HEVC and HDR support for the VA-API encoder, adds HDR capture support for DeckLink sources, improves YouTube thumbnail preview, and introduces QVBR support for AMF encoders.

The list of improvements continues with symbolic links support for VST paths, twoloop as the default FFmpeg AAC encoder, CUDA support for hardware decoding of Media sources, better DeckLink performance, Python 3.11 support for scripting, and FDK AAC support on Flatpak.

OBS Studio 29.1 is available for download from the project’s GitHub page, where you can check out the full release notes to see what’s fixed in this major update. The Flatpak app should also be available shortly on Flathub.

Last updated 12 months ago

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