OpenMandriva Lx ROME Released as OpenMandriva’s Rolling-Release Edition

It's powered by Clang-compiled Linux kernel 6.1 and offers separate KDE Plasma and GNOME ISO images.
OpenMandriva Lx ROME

OpenMandriva announced today the general availability of OpenMandriva Lx ROME as the rolling-release edition of this independently developed GNU/Linux distribution descendant from Mandriva Linux.

Meet OpenMandriva Lx ROME, OpenMandriva’s rolling-release edition where you install once and receive updates forever (or until you broke your system and you have to reinstall). It is a distribution for bleeding-edge users who want to have the latest and greatest GNU/Linux technologies without upgrading or reinstalling.

Powered by the latest and greatest Linux 6.1 kernel series (Clang-compiled, of course), OpenMandriva’s rolling-release edition is available in two spins featuring the popular KDE Plasma and GNOME desktop environments.

The Plasma spin comes with the KDE Plasma 5.26.4 desktop environment, which is accompanied by the KDE Frameworks 5.101 and KDE Gear 22.12 software suites, modified to handle the new JPEG-XL file format. On the other hand, the GNOME spin features the latest GNOME 43.2 desktop environment on top of Wayland.

OpenMandriva Lx ROME – GNOME Edition
OpenMandriva Lx is a unique and independent, not based on any other, Linux distribution. A direct descendant of Mandriva Linux and the first Linux distribution utilizing the LLVM compiler. This release keeps using the entire LLVM toolchain which completes the work that began in 2015, even before Android switched its compilers.

Software-wise, you’ll find all of OpenMandriva’s unique in-house built tools, such as OM Welcome, OM Control Center, Repository Selector (repo-picker), Update Configuration (om-update-config), and Desktop Presets (om-feeling-like), along with popular apps like LibreOffice, Chromium, Falkon, Krita, VLC Media Player, SMPlayer, and digiKam.

Zypper and dnf5 are available in the repositories as alternative package managers if you want to install more apps or manage pre-installed ones. However, the devs warn that one should never use Plasma Discover or dnfdragora to upgrade the distribution.

If you want to give it a try on your personal computer, OpenMandriva Lx ROME is available for download right now from the official website or by clicking on the direct download links below. Only 64-bit systems are supported at the moment of writing, but AArch64 (ARM64) images should also be available shortly.

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