SparkyLinux 2023.10 Brings Linux Kernel 6.5, Latest Debian 13 “Trixie” Updates

This release switches to GCC 13.2.0 as the default system compiler and Python 3.11.4 by default.
SparkyLinux 2023.10

SparkyLinux 2023.10 Rolling edition has been released today as the October 2023 snapshot for this Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution featuring the KDE Plasma, Xfce, LXQt, and MATE desktop environments on top of the bleeding-edge Debian Testing repositories.

SparkyLinux 2023.10 advances the SparkyLinux Rolling series and stands as a snapshot of the next stable SparkyLinux release, SparkyLinux 8 “The Seven Sisters”, which will be based on the upcoming Debian GNU/Linux 13 “Trixie” operating system series, due out sometime in 2025.

Compared to the previous SparkyLinux Rolling snapshot, SparkyLinux 2023.07, this release bumps the kernel from Linux 6.3 to the latest Linux 6.5 series to provide users with top-notch hardware support when deploying SparkyLinux on new hardware. Linux kernel 6.5.3 is used by default, but Linux 6.5.7, 6.1.57 LTS, and 5.15.135 LTS kernels are available for installation from the SparkyLinux repositories.

All the packages have been upgraded to the latest Debian Testing and SparkyLinux testing repositories as of October 10th, 2023. Debian Testing is where the development of the next major Debian GNU/Linux release takes place, in this case, for Debian GNU/Linux 13 “Trixie.”

Other noteworthy changes in the SparkyLinux 2023.10 release include the removal of the SparkyLinux unstable repository to provide users with better stability, GCC 13.2.0 as the default system compiler, the removal of GCC 12 from all editions, and the upgrade to Python 3.11.4 by default.

Several new apps also made it into this release, namely the Raspberry Pi Imager, which is now pre-installed on all flavors, the Gnote note-taking app on the Openbox (MinimalGUI) and MATE editions, the former also shipping with the Parcellite clipboard manager, and the nobleNote note-taking app on the LXQt edition.

SparkyLinux 2023.10 is available for download right now from the official website with the KDE Plasma 5.27.8 LTS, Xfce 4.18, LXQt 1.3.0, and MATE 1.26.0 desktop environments, as well as a MinimalGUI flavor featuring the lightweight Openbox window manager and a text-mode MinimalCLI edition.

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