TUXEDO Control Center 2.1 Released with Exciting New Functions

This release introduces a revamped dashboard, new battery charging profiles, and freely customizable fan control.
TUXEDO Control Center 2.1

TUXEDO Computers announced today the availability of TUXEDO Control Center 2.1 open-source system tuning app for TUXEDO notebooks to provide users with exciting new functions for greater control of their devices.

Highlights of TUXEDO Control Center 2.1 include a revamped dashboard that now features more system parameters, including clock speed, fan speed, power consumption, temperature, and currently active graphics mode, a freely customizable fan control (within safe limits), and a display refresh rate reduction.

“Ultra-fast panel frequencies are accompanied by slightly higher power consumption, which affects battery life. For this reason, TUXEDO Control Center 2.1 integrates a display refresh rate reduction into the system profile settings. If the corresponding profile is activated manually or automatically (when unplugging the laptop from mains), the panel frequency gets lowered to optimize battery life,” said TUXEDO Computers.

Also new in this new TUXEDO Control Center release are three battery charging profiles to minimize battery wear. These include Full Capacity (default setting) to charge the battery at 100 percent using full charging speeds, Reduced Capacity to charge the battery at around 90 percent, and Stationary Use to charge the battery at around 80 percent.

TUXEDO Control Center 2.1 is rolling out as of December 19th, 2023, via the TUXEDO Tomte configuration service. You can also install TUXEDO Control Center via your distro’s package management system or from the command line following the instructions on the official website.

Users are recommended to update their systems to the new TUXEDO Control Center release if they want more control over their Linux-powered notebook. As mentioned before, TUXEDO Control Center is an open-source software and you can download the sources from its GitHub page.

Image credits: TUXEDO Computers

Last updated 2 months ago

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