Ardour 8.2 Open-Source DAW Adds Note Tupling, Support for Solid State Logic UF8

This release also introduces support for the Novation LaunchPad X and LaunchPad Mini devices.
Ardour 8.2

Ardour 8.2 open-source, free, and cross-platform DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) software is now available for download as a feature and bugfix release introducing support for new devices and other improvements.

Ardour 8.2 is here two months after Ardour 8.1 to add support for new devices, including the Novation LaunchPad X and LaunchPad Mini controllers, as well as the Solid State Logic UF8 USB MIDI / Mackie Control Protocol device.

A couple of new features are included in this update to the latest Ardour 8 series, namely note tupling, a feature that lets you select one or more notes while editing MIDI and split each note into two equally sized parts by pressing the “s” key when working with complex rhythms.

The process can be reversed using the Shift+S keyboard shortcut and you’ll also be able to join selected adjacent notes back together by pressing the “j” key. This change was inspired by a feature in the upcoming Ableton Live 12 digital audio workstation.

The second new feature in Ardour 8.2 is a no-strobe user preference option that lets you disable all “flashing” and “blinking” elements (e.g. clocks, blinking buttons, meters, etc.) in Ardour’s graphical user interface. This change is designed for those with sensitivity to this sort of visual input.

Other than that, this release changes the default sample rate to 48kHz, adds a “Mute” button to the recorder view, improves straight line drawing for note velocity, adds support for tracking the visibility of the graphical user interfaces for the LV2 plugins, and shows note length with verbose cursor when editing MIDI notes.

It also improves the insertion of tempo maps at the correct position when importing tempo maps from standard MIDI files, adds the ability for users to clear the scan information for LV2 plugins, optimizes tempo map operations, improves Lua scripts, and enables playback even when no session start/end has been defined.

Support for Subsequent_37 MIDNAM files was improved as well in Ardour 8.2, which also improves support for the Console 1 controller and systems where XDG_CONFIG_HOME is not an absolute path. Of course, numerous bugs were addressed as well, so check out the release notes for extra reading.

Ardour 8.2 is available for download as a source tarball from the official website or as a Flatpak app from Flathub. The devs also provide ready-to-run binaries for GNU/Linux systems if you want to support their work.

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