EndeavourOS Devs Say “Goodbye” to Their ARM Branch, Maintainers Needed

If you're reading this and want to pick up where EndeavourOS ARM left off, check out the project's GitHub page and join the team.
EndeavourOS Raspberry Pi

Founder and project leader of EndeavourOS Bryan Poerwoatmodjo published today a short blog post announcing the end of the road of the distribution’s ARM branch due to a lack of recent upstream changes and maintainers.

The EndeavourOS ARM branch was initially launched about three and a half years ago and it shipped its first installer with the EndeavourOS Artemis release, allowing users to easily install the Arch Linux-based distro on various ARM-powered single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi or ODROID N2/XU4.

EndeavourOS ARM was based on the Arch Linux ARM project and maintained by a few members of the EndeavourOS community. Compared to upstream, EndeavourOS ARM offered a graphical installation method by using the popular Calamares universal installer for Linux-based systems.

Unfortunately, it looks like the upstream Arch Linux ARM project is quite behind compared to the Arch Linux project, and recently the gap between the ARM and 64-bit (x86_64) architectures become bigger. This, combined with the frustration of the lead maintainer as he didn’t receive more help from the outside, led to the EndeavourOS ARM branch being abandoned.

“EndeavourOS is a project on the side for everyone involved and enthusiasm is key to making it roll forward,” said EndeavourOS leader Bryan Poerwo. “Even though we are saying goodbye to the project with pain in our hearts, we completely understand Pudge’s decision.”

But the good news is that the EndeavourOS ARM branch is still open for anyone who wants to take over the project. If you’re reading this and want to pick up where EndeavourOS ARM left off, check out the project’s GitHub page and join the team.

EndeavourOS is a popular GNU/Linux distribution based on Arch Linux and leveraging the KDE software for its flagship ISO image. Similar to Arch Linux, EndeavourOS uses a rolling-release model, but it offers several community editions with various popular desktop environments and window managers.

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