Fedora Asahi KDE Spin Is Switching to the Calamares Graphical Installer

The Fedora Linux KDE Spin will be used as the base for the upcoming Fedora Asahi KDE distro.
Fedora Linux KDE Calamares

Asahi Linux project lead developer Hector Martin wrote today on Mastodon that the upcoming Fedora Asahi Remix distribution for Apple Silicon devices, which is based on Fedora Linux KDE Spin, will be using the Calamares graphical installer by default.

Fedora Asahi Remix is using Fedora Project’s KDE Spin as a base, featuring the KDE Plasma desktop environment. Right now, the Fedora KDE Spin is using the Anaconda installer, just like all the other Fedora Linux editions.

By switching to the Calamares graphical installer, the Fedora Asahi Remix will not only be 100 percent Wayland compatible, but it will also offer automatic keyboard layout selection on laptops.

“We’re switching to Calamares on Fedora KDE, just like the Arch images – except now it’s 100% Wayland, no Xorg or setxkbmap in sight, thanks to some Calamares patches I wrote and upstreamed,” said Hector Martin. “This means we now have zero usage of the native Xorg server on Fedora Asahi KDE images!”

The Fedora Asahi Remix distribution was announced in early August 2023 and it’s expected to hit the streets this month to enable Apple Silicon-powered Mac users to install Linux on their hardware instead of macOS.

Calamares is a great installer with many cool features like disk encryption or advanced disk partitioning. By design, Calamares is very customizable in order to satisfy a wide variety of needs and use cases, so it’s the perfect choice for Fedora Asahi Remix and the Fedora Linux KDE Spin.

The Asahi Linux devs are working closely with the Fedora Linux team to fully integrate Apple Silicon support into Fedora Linux, but, for now, it looks like they chose KDE Plasma as the official desktop environment for this special edition. Most probably, other desktops will be supported as well in future releases.

We’ll have a look at Fedora Asahi Remix’s features when it is officially released.

Update 05/09/23: I received word from Fedora Project’s Neal Gompa (see the comments below) that the Fedora KDE Spin will not be switching to the Calamares installer. The change is done in the Fedora KDE Spin, but only for the Fedora Asahi KDE Remix.

Image credits: Hector Martin

Last updated 7 months ago

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