Geany 2.0 Open-Source IDE Released with UI Improvements, Initial Meson Support

This release also introduces a new "Change history" feature in the editor and support for AutoIt and GDScript filetypes.
Geany 2.0

Geany 2.0 has been released today as a major update to this fast and lightweight GTK-based open-source IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that supports many file types like C, Java, PHP, HTML, Python, Perl, and Pascal, syntax highlighting, code completion, and other features.

Geany 2.0 has been in developed for the past two years and it introduces experimental support for the Meson build system, a new “Change history” feature in the editor, support for AutoIt and GDScript filetypes, and support for dark-themed friendly colors for compiler messages.

The new release also comes with various interface improvements, such as a new tree view by default, a new option that lets you display symbols in a symbol tree that doesn’t have category groups, a new option to only show line endings if they are different from the file’s default, and a confirmation dialog on Search & Replace for the entire session.

Geany’s interface also received an improved symbol tree filtering implementation, simplified creation of new projects from existing directories with sources, configurable tab label length and window title length, as well as the ability for “Go to Symbol” commands to show signature list.

Filetype support has been improved as well in Geany 2.0, which features improved support for the ctags file format, updated PHP, Nim, Kotlin, and Python filetype configs, markdown header styles for the complete header, the ability to sync many parsers from the Universal Ctags project, as well as improved auto-completion for C/C++ and some other supported languages.

Other than that, this release splits the “session data” into session.conf and geany.conf, re-adds the ability to scroll over document tabs, fixes keyword colorization on filetype change, fixes the order of startup files when placing tabs next to the current one, and adds support for the Scintilla 5.3.7 and Lexilla 5.2.7 source code editing components.

For extra reading, you can check out the full changelog on the project’s GitHub page, from where you can also download Geany 2.0 as a source tarball if you fancy compiling it from sources. You can also install Geany as a Flatpak app from Flathub or from your distro’s software repositories.

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