Immutable Distro Nitrux 3.3 Is Out Now Powered by Linux Kernel 6.7

This release comes with an updated Nitrux Upgrade utility, as well as the latest apps and drivers.
Nitrux 3.3

Uri Herrera announced today the release and general availability of Nitrux 3.3 as the latest ISO snapshot of this Debian-based, systemd-free, and immutable GNU/Linux distribution built around the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

The biggest change in Nitrux 3.3 is that it ships with the latest and greatest Linux 6.7 kernel by default. The new kernel also ensures top-notch hardware support in Nitrux.

The very latest Linux 6.7.3 kernel (published February 1st, 2024) is included in a Liquorix flavor for uncompromised responsiveness in interactive systems reducing frame time deviations in games and enabling low latency in audio/video production.

Since the KDE Project is working hard on the soon-to-be-released KDE Plasma 6, KDE Frameworks 6, and KDE Gear 24.02 software, they didn’t release new maintenance updates to the current stable KDE Plasma 5, KDE Frameworks 5, and KDE Gear 23.08 components.

Therefore, Nitrux 3.3 continues to use the KDE Plasma 5.27.10 LTS with KDE Frameworks 5.114 and KDE Gear 23.08.4 for a stable desktop experience on top of a Wayland session enabled by default in this release. For Wayland, this release adds kdotool, a xdotool clone for KDE Wayland, which uses KWin’s scripting API to control windows.

Apart from shipping with some of the latest apps and drivers, Nitrux 3.3 also introduces a newer version of its in-house Nitrux Update Tool System (NUTS) that brings a new update machanism, improved status messages, an animated spinner and running time info for long-running tasks, and the ability to display a message when there aren’t any applicable updates for the utility.

Nitrux 3.3 is available for download right now from the official website or by clicking on the direct download link below. However, this new Nitrux ISO snapshot is here only for new installations as existing users should upgrade their systems by using the Nitrux Upgrade utility.

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