KDE Gear 22.08.2 Adds 7-Zip and Samba 4.16 or Later Compatibility, Many Bug Fixes

KDE Gear 22.08.2

The KDE Project released today KDE Gear 22.08.2 as the second point release to its latest stable KDE Gear 22.08 open-source software suite for the KDE Plasma desktop environment and other platforms.

KDE Gear 22.08.2 is here a little over a month after the first point release, KDE Gear 22.08.1, and it brings compatibility with Samba 4.16 or higher to allow connections to Windows Samba shares from within KDE apps like the Dolphin file manager.

This second KDE Gear 22.08 point release also updates the Ark archive manager to restore compatibility with the original 7-Zip archiver, updates the KDE Connect app to prevent a crash when there are no audio devices present, and updates the Firefox version in the user agent manager for the Falkon web browser.

On top of that, KDE Gear 22.08.2 fixes a missing icon issue on Gwenview’s sidebar toggle button when using the Fusion and Breeze styles and marks GIMP’s .xcf files as supported, fixes numerous bugs in the Kalendar app, and adds support for KDE Frameworks 5.90 to the Kate text editor.

The powerful Kdenlive video editor received some changes as well to remember the effect keyframe status as shown or hidden, allow seeking to an item’s last frame on paste, allow the effect overlay to scale properly on monitor zoom, and to align master audio level with MLT’s AudioLevel filter.

Also updated in this release is the KItinerary library for the KDE Itinerary digital travel assistant, which now handles German-language variants and extracts arrival/departure times of Vueling boarding passes, supports SNCF regional tickets from Normandie, extracts BlaBlaCar Bus tickets, and improves Ryanair boarding pass time search.

There are more than 130 changes included in the KDE Gear 22.08.2 point release, so check out the full changelog if you’re interested in extra technical details.

KDE Gear 22.08.2 is rolling out now to GNU/Linux distributions like KDE neon, Kubuntu, openSUSE Tumbleweed, Arch Linux, KaOS, and others, so make sure that you update your installations as soon as possible to enjoy these improvements, as well as better stability and performance.

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