Libreboot Open-Source Firmware Now Supports HP EliteBook 820 G2 Laptops

You can even buy a HP EliteBook 820 G2 laptop with the Libreboot open-source firmware pre-installed.
Libreboot HP EliteBook 820

The developers of the Libreboot open-source and free BIOS/UEFI firmware announced support for a new laptop, namely the HP EliteBook 820 G2, which can even be ordered with Libreboot pre-installed.

For those of you who prefer your BIOS/UEFI firmware open-sourced, Libreboot is a very good alternative. The latest release added support for new mainboards for both laptops and desktops, including HP EliteBook 2570p, HP 8300 USDT, and Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L.

This week, a new patch was released to also add support for HP EliteBook 820 G2 laptops, reports developer Leah Rowe. HP EliteBook 820 G2 is a 12.5-inch Broadwell laptop powered by either Intel Core i5-5200U, Intel Core i5-5300U, Intel Core i7-5500U, or Intel Core i7-5600U processors.

It features three USB 3.0 ports, a DisplayPort that can do 4K 60Hz, a VGA port, up to 32GB RAM, three storage slots supporting PCIe, M.2, and regular SATA drives, a side dock connector for a docking station, and an eDP type screen that can be upgraded to Full HD (1920×1080) resolution.

You can buy the HP EliteBook 820 G2 laptop with the Libreboot open-source firmware pre-installed if you don’t want or can’t install it yourself. This way, you’ll also support the Libreboot developers in their work as the company that sells HP EliteBook 820 G2 laptops with Libreboot pre-installed is owned by one of the developers.

If you already own the HP EliteBook 820 G2 laptop and want to install Libreboot yourself, please refer to the HP 820 G2 hardware/install guide for more information.

Apart from the HP EliteBook 820 G2, Libreboot currently works well on Acer G43T-AM3, Apple iMac 5,2, Intel D510MO and D410PT desktop motherboards, as well as on Apple MacBook1,1 and MacBook2,1, Dell Latitude E6400, HP EliteBook 2560p, and HP EliteBook Folio 9470m machines.

In addition, it supports several machines from Lenovo, including ThinkPad X200, X200S, and X200 tablet, ThinkPad T60 with Intel GPU, ThinkPad X60, X60S, and X60 tablet, as well as ThinkPad X301, R400, T400 / T400S, T500, T530 / W530, W500, R500, T440p, X220, X220t, T420, T420S, T430, X230, X230t, and W541.

Image credits: Libreboot/Leah Rowe

Last updated 2 months ago

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