NixOS 22.05 Is Out with GNOME 42.1, Calamares Graphical Installer, and Linux 5.15 LTS

NixOS 22.05

NixOS 22.05 has been released today as a major version for this independently developed GNU/Linux distribution built around the Nix package manager.

Dubbed “Quokka”, NixOS 22.05 comes six months after NixOS 21.11 and introduces Nix 2.8 as the default nix package management system, which includes lots of changes, improvements, and increased performance, as well as the so-called “flakes” experimental features that you can read all about here.

Another cool new feature of the NixOS 22.05 release is the implementation of the Calamares universal installer to help newcomers who want to install NixOS on their personal computers. The installer starts automatically when launching the GNOME or KDE Plasma ISO images and allows for a one-time configuration of a new system.

“Improving the experience for new users is something that the NixOS project has been working on for a long time. After all, NixOS is very different compared to traditional distributions. To make it easier to get started with a new NixOS system, a graphical installer based on Calamares is now provided,” says Janne Heß, NixOS release manager.

Talking about GNOME and KDE Plasma ISOs, which are the flagship live/installation images of NixOS, they were updated to the latest GNOME 42.1 and KDE Plasma 5.24 LTS desktop environments.

Other noteworthy changes in NixOS 22.05 include support for profile-guided optimization in Firefox for a much more responsive web browsing experience, simplified configuring of settings for multiple certificates, the ability to override packaging configuration in a consistent manner, as well as support for module authors to automate the deprecation cycle without upsetting out-of-tree module authors and their users.

Under the hood, NixOS 22.05 is powered by the long-term supported Linux 5.15 LTS kernel series and ships with various updated components, including but not limited to systemd 250, PulseAudio 15.0, PHP 8.1, PostgreSQL 14, kops 1.22.4, Mattermost 6.3, and GHC 9.0.2. Of course, a plethora of new services have been added as well, so check out the release notes for more details.

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