Slax Linux Gets Enhanced Session Management and Boot Parameter Options

This release also fixes a bug that prevented modules from deleting files and improves Xorg initialization.
Slax DynFileFS

On his birthday (happy birthday!), Slax Linux creator and maintainer Tomas Matejicek announced new versions of his tiny and portable GNU/Linux distribution, bringing various enhancements and bug fixes.

The new Slax Linux releases (12.1 for the Debian base and 15.0.2 for the Slackware base) are here to introduce enhanced session management when running the distro from writable devices allowing users to maintain multiple sessions more easily.

The developer explains that each session will now be saved in /slax/changes/ and that you can choose your favorite at boot time. Several boot options will be presented to you for starting a new session, resuming a previous session, or selecting a session of your choice from the menu.

In addition to the improved session handling, the new Slax releases introduce adjustable storage sizes for sessions. Using the perchsize=X boot parameter, you can now set the maximum size for a session.

“For instance, setting perchsize=32G would set the limit to 32GB for the current session,” said Tomas Matejicek. “This way, you are no longer limited by the default maximum size. […] Once set, Slax remembers the maximum size for that session, eliminating the need for reconfiguration during subsequent boots.”

Also enhanced in these releases is support for special boot parameters, allowing users to configure Slax to load data from a specific directory on a specified disk with the from=/dev/device/path boot option. In addition, it’s now possible to enable a boot prompt to choose the device from where Slax should load its data with the new from=ask boot option.

Last but not least, the new Slax Linux releases improve the initialization of the Xorg graphical user interface to address potential issues. This was possible by using Xorg’s built-in autoconfiguration to create a better configuration file and provide a more accurate setup.

An important bug that was present in previous Slax Linux releases was addressed as well, which prevented modules from deleting files. You can download Slax Linux 12.1 (based on Debian GNU/Linux 12.1) and Slax Linux 15.0.1 (based on Slackware Linux 15) right now from the official website.

Last updated 8 months ago

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