Nitrux 1.6.1 Is Here as One of the First Distros to Ship with Linux 5.14 as Default Kernel

Nitrux 1.6.1

Uri Herrera announced today the release and general availability of Nitrux 1.6.1 as a monthly update of this Debian-based and systemd-free GNU/Linux distribution for the masses.

I couldn’t help myself from writing that headline, because if the Nitrux devs can bake a live ISO every single month and manage to incorporate the most recent Linux kernel on the market in it, I’m sure every other GNU/Linux distribution out there can do the same.

This is where they excel. If you want to use a Debian-based distribution that doesn’t ship with systemd and has a focus on the latest and greatest KDE Plasma desktop environment, you can always rely on Nitrux.

The new release, Nitrux 1.6.1, is here with Linux kernel 5.14.8 as default kernel, alongside Linux kernel 5.10.69 LTS and Linux kernel 5.4.149 LTS for users who want to use a long-term supported kernel, as well as the KDE Plasma 5.22.5 desktop environment, KDE Gear 21.08.1 and KDE Frameworks 5.86 software suites.

On top of that, it includes the recently released Inkscape 1.1.1 scalable vector graphics editor and Mozilla Firefox 92 as default web browser, which is available as a sandboxed AppImage by default.

Nitrux uses the awesome Calamares as default graphical installer, an this release updates it with a new QML module for the Summary screen. Also updated is the Minimal ISO to the same base as the main release.

Of course, Nitrux 1.6.1 is here only for those who want to give this Debian-based distro a try on their computers, those who want to reinstall, or anyone else who wants to deploy Nitrux on more computers.

Existing Nitrux 1.6 users need only to update their installations using the instructions provided by the developers at the end of the release notes, which also provide users with important information about using the proprietary NVIDIA graphics driver, using Wayland, or installing Mesa-git for a performance gain in games.

Image credits: Nitrux

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