Nitrux 2.8.1 Released with Linux Kernel 6.3, Plasma Wayland by Default

This release also comes with the latest KDE software, as well as a pre-release version of Mesa 23.2.
Nitrux 2.8.1

Uri Herrera announced today the release and general availability for download of Nitrux 2.8.1 as another monthly release for this Debian-based, systemd-free GNU/Linux distribution built around the KDE Plasma and apps ecosystem.

Nitrux 2.8.1 may sound like a small point release to last month’s Nitrux 2.8, but it’s a massive update that brings exciting changes like the latest and greatest Linux 6.3 kernel series, Plasma Wayland as the default session, as well as all the latest KDE software including Plasma 5.27.5, Frameworks 5.106, and Gear 23.04.1.

Plasma Wayland is clearly the number one attraction of this release and the devs tried their best to make it work as flawless as possible for everyone. For this, they have added xdg-desktop-portal-gnome to prevent font rendering issues, especially with Flatpak apps.

For users of NVIDIA graphics cards, the Plasma Wayland session will use a traditional dock configured using Plasma panels. On the other hand, Plasma Wayland will show the Latte Dock to those relying on the Mesa drivers (AMD, Intel, etc.).

The devs recommend NVIDIA GPU users who encounter issues running certain apps to switch to the Plasma X11 session. For AMD Radeon GPU users, Nitrux 2.8.1 ships with the latest AMD Open Source Driver for Vulkan 2023.Q2.2 drivers.

On top of all this, Nitrux 2.8.1 brings support for managing Btrfs partitions, support for running the distribution using Hyper-V, LFS extension for Git, a pre-release version of the upcoming Mesa 23.2 graphics stack, as well as the Industrial I/O subsystem proxy to D-Bus to support for more hardware.

In addition, this release introduced a new parameter for AppArmor to make it always load by default and enabled the service for OpenRC, DNSCrypt-Proxy 2, support for the Tor anonymous communication system, the AIDE intrusion detection system, and Rsyslog multi-threaded implementation of syslogd.

For more details about the changes implemented in Nitrux 2.8.1, as well as information about known issues and other release notes to get you started with using Nitrux, check out the release announcement page.

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