OpenMandriva Lx 23.08 Released with Linux Kernel 6.4, Mesa 23.2, and More

This release ships with the latest KDE Plasma 5.27.7 LTS, GNOME 44.3, and LXQt 1.3 desktop environments.
OpenMandriva Lx 23.08

OpenMandriva Lx 23.08 is now available for download as the newest installation media of the “ROME” rolling-release edition of the OpenMandriva Lx distribution featuring some of the latest and greatest GNU/Linux technologies.

Coming nearly five months after OpenMandriva Lx 23.03, the OpenMandriva Lx 23.08 release is powered by the latest Linux 6.4 kernel series (6.4.8 is the default kernel shipped with the ISO images), as well as the latest Mesa 23.2 open-source graphics stack series for Linux gaming.

The devs note the fact that OpenMandriva Lx’s kernel comes with HT/SMT NICE enabled by default for better responsiveness and real-time behavior on PCs with HT (Hyper-Threading), which improves the performance of foreground apps at the expense of background apps.

OpenMandriva Lx’s flagship edition featuring the KDE Plasma desktop environment ships with the latest KDE Plasma 5.27.7 LTS release, which is accompanied by the KDE Gear 23.04.3 and KDE Frameworks 5.108 open-source software suites, all compiled against the Qt 5.15.10 LTS open-source application framework.

Some fresh packages are included as well with this release, such as the LibreOffice 7.6 office suite, Chromium 115 as the default web browser, and Calamares 3.2.62 as the default graphical installer. It would appear that the Mozilla Firefox web browser is no longer installed by default.

As mentioned before, OpenMandriva Lx “ROME” is a rolling-release edition of OpenMandriva Lx, which means that existing users do not need to download the new ISO images but only to keep their installations up to date at all times to receive the new package versions and features mentioned on this article.

OpenMandriva Lx 23.08 is here only for new deployments and you can download it right now by clicking on the direct download links below. Besides the KDE Plasma editions, you can also download two other editions featuring the GNOME and LXQt desktop environments.

The GNOME edition features the latest GNOME 44.3 desktop environment, while the LXQt edition comes with the latest LXQt 1.3.0 desktop environment by default, which is a new edition for both “ROME” and “Cooker” variants of OpenMandriva Lx targeting users with older hardware.

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