First Look at risiOS: Fedora Linux Remix with a Few Tricks Under Its Sleeve


The Fedora Linux-based risiOS distribution recently released version 38 based on Fedora Linux 38 Workstation, so I thought it would be a good time to introduce you to this remix in case you haven’t heard about it already.

risiOS promotes itself as a Fedora Linux-based distribution designed to make it easier to set up and modernize the Fedora Workstation experience, which features the GNOME desktop environment.

For that, risiOS comes with a collection of tools and a customized GNOME Shell interface that should make Fedora Linux more appealing to newcomers who want a modern Linux desktop experience.

The custom GNOME Shell interface includes a dock, which is hidden by default and will only appear when you move the mouse cursor to the bottom of the screen. The dock is provided by the very popular Dash to Dock extension.

In addition, two other GNOME Shell extensions are included by default for a better GNOME desktop experience, namely risiGNOME and Caffeine, the latter being used for disabling the screensaver and automatic suspend. On the other hand, the risiGNOME extension appears only to modify GNOME Shell’s Activities button from the status bar into an icon.

The Caffeine extension is integrated into GNOME Shell’s Quick Settings

One of the cool things I like about risiOS is its risiTweaks tool, which lets you add accent colors to the GNOME desktop. risiTweaks also lets you change various other theming-related things like icons, styles, fonts, etc., as well as configure other aspects of the GNOME desktop that you could already do with the GNOME Tweaks app.

If you only want to use accent colors on your Fedora Linux 38 Workstation, you can install the Custom Accent Colors extension and set “Custom-Accent-Colors” as the default Shell theme in GNOME Tweaks. Support for accent colors will be available by default with the upcoming GNOME 45 desktop environment.

Other cool things you’ll find in risiOS are a modified version of the ZSH shell with features like syntax highlighting and auto-suggestions, Linux Mint’s Timeshift system backup/restore utility, Celluloid as the default video player, out-of-the-box support for Web Apps, Wayland session by default (even for NVIDIA graphics systems), and a Welcome tool that makes it easier to install your favorite apps, themes, etc.

risiOS aims to offer fans of the Fedora Linux operating system a remix that includes various tweaks and unique tools for a more straightforward setup and a more enjoyable Fedora Workstation experience out-of-the-box.

I would recommend risiOS to anyone who doesn’t have the time to find the right tools to configure Fedora Linux Workstation the way risiOS is configured with a dock, support for accent colors, and default apps.

You can find more details about risiOS and download the latest version from the official website.

Last updated 9 months ago

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