Immutable Distro Nitrux 3.1 Brings Revamped Upgrade Utility, Latest KDE Software

The system now ships with the KDE Plasma 5.27.9 desktop environment, accompanied by KDE Frameworks 5.111 and KDE Gear 23.08.2.
Nitrux 3.1

Nitrux developer and maintainer Uri Herrera announced today the release and general availability of Nitrux 3.1 as the latest ISO snapshot for this immutable, systemd-free, and KDE-oriented GNU/Linux distribution.

Nitrux 3.1 is here mostly as an updated installation media for those who want to install the distribution on a new computer or for existing users who want to reinstall it. As such, it only includes updated components like the latest KDE Plasma 5.27.9 desktop environment, accompanied by KDE Frameworks 5.111 and KDE Gear 23.08.2.

Since this is a new install media, it obviously brings updated drivers, such as those for Amlogic Bluetooth chipsets, Intel Wireless Wi-Fi Link adapters, USB-DUX boards, and various Qualcomm devices, the latest NVIDIA 545.29.02 and AMDVLK 2023.Q4.1 graphics drivers, Mesa 23.2.1 graphics stack, and the latest AMD microcode update for AMD processors.

Nitrux 3.1 also comes with a revamped Nitrux Updater utility to make upgrades from previous versions smoother. The latest version of the Nitrux Update Tool System utility improves the reliability of post-upgrade installation thanks to the implementation of a new self-update mechanism.

Nitrux’s upgrade utility also gained improved rescue operation, improved logic when creating the backup partition, improved support for GNOME Boxes when virtualizing Nitrux, improved status messages, the ability to switch between various branches of the utility, as well as other changes documented here.

Under the hood, Nitrux 3.1 is powered by a Liquorix-flavored Linux 6.4.15 kernel. The devs did not manage to offer the latest Linux 6.5 Liquorix kernel due to a problem with the initramfs-tools hook script from overlayroot.

For more details about the changes included in this new Nitrux ISO snapshot, check out the release announcement page on the official website, from where you can also download Nitrux 3.1 if you want to perform a new installation. Existing Nitrux 3.0 users need only to update their installations to receive the latest packages.

Last updated 7 months ago

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