9to5Linux Weekly Roundup: October 17th, 2021

Weekly Roundup October 17th

The fifty-five installment of the 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup is here for the week ending on October 17th, keeping you guys up to date with the most important things happening in the Linux world. If you missed last week’s 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup, you can check it out here.

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Thank you everyone for another amazing week, you guys rock! Thank you for all your shares, likes, retweets, comments, tips, suggestions, and whatnot, they’re all welcome. I also like to thank our donors who supported us during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s highly appreciated. If you want to donate too, you can do it here or check out the Bitcoin tips section below if you want to donate Bitcoin.

This week was all about Ubuntu 21.10, but we also saw some big announcements starting with the release of the KDE Plasma 5.23 desktop enviornment and the launch of the PinePhone Pro Linux smartphone, and continuing with several great distro releases like the systemd-free Devuan GNU+Linux 4.0 and KaOS 2021.10.

You can enjoy these and much more in 9to5Linux’s Linux weekly roundup for October 17th, 2021, below. Last but not least, this week I also managed to do some further optimization to the website so that it runs faster, and cleaned up the bottom part of the posts pages to make the comments section more accessible.

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Talking about donations, we now support Bitcoin donations via Twitter. Yay! Twitter recently added the option for content creators and everyone else to add a tipping feature that supports various payment options, including crypto. But this tipping feature is only supported on mobile devices, not on desktop clients or the Web.

If you want to support 9to5Linux with some Bitcoin donations, all you have to do is access our Twitter account profile on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and click on the icon next to the Follow button. You will be offered the option to copy our Bitcoin address where you can donate the crypto. Thank you!

Hot news of the week

Linux distributions released this week

Linux apps, drivers, desktops and kernels released this week

Coming up next week

  • First KDE Plasma 5.23 point release
  • …and hopefully many exciting Linux news and releases!

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